Foreign ministers call for Gaza ceasefire extension

Group seeks durable ceasefire which responds to the security needs of Israel as well as Palestinian access and reconstruction

Gaza: salvaging essentials from the ruins

People who fled empty-handed during the Israeli assault are taking advantage of Saturday’s 12-hour humanitarian pause to salvage essentials

Temporary ceasefire takes effect in Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians poured into the streets, some to their homes to inspect damage others to withdraw cash and stock up on supplies

Former Bear Stearns CEO Greenberg Dies

Alan "Ace" Greenberg, the executive who helped turn Bear Stearns into one of the world's biggest—and riskiest—securities firms, died of complications from cancer Friday at the age of 86.

A Hot Employer Stock Can Burn You

Wealth Effect: Today's young tech tycoons should heed the meltdown of one-time highfliers such as and Webvan.